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NEFG at the Oxford Real Farming Conference

The Oxford Real Farming Conference will take place this year on 4-5 January 2017 and Professor Carlo Leifert and Dr Marcin Baranski will present NEFG research.

Additional details can be found on the conference website, where the event is described as a “unique gathering of the UK’s sustainable and organic food and farming movements” which “will offer a practical mix of on-farm advice, showcasing new techniques for best practice in agroecological farming, and discuss the global food system, including the economic and trade policies that affect British farming, plus much more.”

Carlo and Marcin will be presenting and discussing research about the Quality of Organic Food meta-analyses completed over the past two years. Andrew Wilkinson, a project partner in NEFG’s HealthyMinorCereals trials, will also contribute to the conference as the owner/farmer/miller at Gilchesters Organic Farm.

If you would like to follow the conference proceedings, visit the Oxford Real Farming Conference online programme, Twitter account, Facebook page and/or Youtube profile.

Happy New Year from NEFG!

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