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Presentations from the 2017 Oxford Real Farming Conference

The Oxford Real Farming Conference has made all PowerPoints, audio recordings and films from the 2017 conference available online through the ORFC 2017 Archive.

Professor Carlo Leifert was a part of the panel titled “What goes in and what comes out: : resource efficiency, productivity and environmental sustainability of organic and low-input farming” and also presented research from the Quality of Organic Food studies with Dr Marcin Baranski in the “Is organic really healthier? Organic and low input farming, food quality and health” panel.

Andrew Wilkinson of Gilchesters Organics, a partner in the Healthy Minor Cereals project, also featured as a speaker in this years’ event, in the session “Heritage cereals: historic crops for a more sustainable future“.

The ORFC website is a great resource for conference proceedings and will contain updates for next years’ event in the future.

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