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Strategies to Improve Fertiliser Efficiency and Save £s on Your Farm – Cover Crops, Precision Farming and More… Thursday 19th March

Catchment Sensitive Farming in conjunction with Landbridge, Newcastle University and the Nafferton Ecological Farming Group held a free workshop on cover crops, precision farming and more. Featuring contributions from CSF, Agrovista and Newcastle University, this interactive workshop offered strategies to improve fertiliser efficiency and save money on farm.

The event was held on Thursday 19th March 10:00am – 2:00pm at The Fenton Centre, West Fenton, Wooler, by kind invitation of Simon Henderson.


Short presentations were delivered on                                                     

  • Using precision farming to improve fertiliser efficiency, James Taylor, Precision farming specialist, Newcastle University
  • Practical software tools for N efficient rotation design, Julia Cooper, Soil scientist, Newcastle University
  • Innovative use of cover crops for weed control, Niall Atkinson, Agrovista
  • Experiences of systems in practice at West Fenton, Simon Henderson, organic farmer
  • Soil biology assessments –  Paul Muto & Stuart Moss, CSF

Farm walk looking at innovative use of cover crops and min till on the farm, Simon Henderson                                                             

  • Machinery suitable for cultivation and drilling in cover crop/min till systems
  • Cover crops in the field
  • Hands on soil assessments 

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