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Prof Carlo Leifert and NEFG featured in German documentary

The German channel 3SAT/ARD produced a documentary filmed throughout Europe, which includes interviews with Carlo Leifert and footage of the Nafferton field trials.

The NEFG-led nutritional work is featured quite extensively in the middle of this 1 hour long documentary, which covers a range of issues linked to the increase in organic food sales in the German speaking area of Europe and the differences between organic and conventional production systems and food quality.

The link to a the programme can be found at the following web address:

As the programme is in German, here is a brief summary of the NEFG content:

(a) The programme describes that the UK-FSA commissioned study focusing on nutritional differences between organic and conventionally produced crops claimed there were no differences

(b) Professor Leifert describes how long it took NEFG to review all of the data in the meta-analysis (and how it was different to the FSA study)

(c) Professor Leifert describes all the nutritional differences the NEFG study found for crops, dairy and meat in detail.

The full German programme also highlights the problem of pesticides sprayed by conventional farmers for neighbouring organic farmers.

Additional information about the Quality of Organic Food research can be found on the NEFG website and video footage of Carlo explaining the crops meta-analysis (in English) can also be viewed on the website.

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