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What’s the Point of Farming Research?

15 farmers visited Nafferton Farm where the Newcastle University NEFG research team are studying the science behind producing healthy food with lower inputs in the future:

  • the suitability of different crop varieties for lower input farming systems
  • the effects of organic vs conventional rotations, fertility inputs and pest and weed control in arable systems
  • the effects of lower Phosphorous inputs on crop performance

As usual, the main benefit to all involved was to share experiences and recognise some of the indicators and limitations of research. A two-way flow of ideas and findings is the only way to keep research relevant and useful. Some farmers offered  their own farms for monitoring organic grassland and reduced tillage effects.

The results of the newly published research on the quality of organic food was also discussed and the information leaflets that the Soil Association has produced based on this research, were handed out.

If you are interested in visiting other farmers trying out new ideas or sharing your innovations or ideas, please contact us. 


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