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Bees affected by Neonicotinoid chemicals

Newcastle University Researcher, Dr Sally Williamson was interviewed on Radio 4’s Gardeners Question Time last week, as DEFRA decides whether to vote for or against a European-wide ban of this family of pesticides.

Dr Sally Williamson appeared on Gardeners’ Question Time  to talk about her research into honey bees.

In a recently published paper, Dr Williamson highlighted the fact that a certain type of pesticide – those made from neonicotinoids – can have a detrimental effect on the memory of honey bees, which impacts on their ability to find flowers to pollinate and collect nectar for honey. It also impairs their ability to communicate with each other. And a debate is now ongoing as to whether the pesticides should be banned.

Dr Williamson was interviewed on the show (16.35mins into the programme) and asked about her research and the impact neonicotinoids have on bees. She was also asked to give tips to gardeners on how they can make their gardens more bee friendly, saying that keeping a patch of grass uncut and planting various flowers which bloom throughout the year could help.

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