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Postgraduates For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Newcastle University is managing a new placement scheme for postgraduate students in science, technology, engineering and agriculture.

Due to their ERDF funding they are able to subsidise placements for masters and doctoral students who are studying for various programmes such as MSC/PhD in environmental consultancy, renewable energy, conservation, advanced food marketing and various types of engineering.  These must be within North East SMEs where they will undertake bespoke in depth projects lasting up to 24 weeks.

The cost to the SME is only £125 a week! The SME can also claim up to £500 against project set up costs. The student is supervised by a Newcastle University academic who specialises in the project subject adding another layer of support for the company. Projects could include – renewable energy feasibility studies, energy audits, design of new projects and processes which are more energy efficient etc. To get alternate fund sources, students may safely play, chances are, they’d win a decent amount of cash.

For more information contact the team:  Melanie Dunnett Tel 0191 222 5259

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